A Strong and international distributor network

The network of distributors created and developed by ADIPSYS, is established in France and abroad. These distributors have trusted us for several years. They advise our solutions every day to their clients. We also maintain constant relationships with them to inform them of technological innovations that improve our solutions. For this reason, ADIPSYS regularly organizes training sessions and workshops. Our meetings are also an opportunity to get feedback about their clients’ needs. Our distributors are all trained to provide the necessary expertise and support our customers in the search for an optimal solution and in its implementation. This allows us to evolve our solutions according to that

Distributing ADIPSYS solutions, it is going further in the satisfaction of your clients who are looking for innovative and scalable solutions.

Distributor - Config Logo

CONFIG Specialist distributor in the distribution of IT security solutions in France

Cinodis Logo

CINODIS Expert company in telecommunication solutions. Its core business is the distribution and consulting of telecommunication products to integrators, resellers and operators

Distributor - BEIP logo

BEIP Distributor and expert wholesaler of IP convergence solutions. Present in France and Africa, BEIP offers a portfolio of the most relevant technologies and brands on the market, as well as an associated service offer


Azenn is a distributor of links (fiber optic, copper and IP networks) with over 35 years of experience. They offer logistic services and the manufacturing of customized and pre-connected systems (data center and building cabling).


EDOX is a wholesale company specializing in the various fields of information technology: IP, telephony, or video protection. The team delivers more than 35,000 references on site or to the customer.

Logo Equinox technologies


This company is successful in Africa in the fields of IT, Telecommunications, Security and Services. For more information please contact Mr SOUARE at the following email address : ataoulaye.souare@equinoxtec.com

Want to become a distributor of ADIPSYS solutions?

Becoming a distributor offers many advantages:

  • Privileged access to commercial and technical documentary resources via your account
  • Technical trainings to understand all the features of our solutions and become 100% independent to advise your clients
  • Many training workshops for your sales teams to enable them to master the solutions
  • Effective and quality support by our technical department
  • Regular training on technological innovations improving our solutions
  • A list of discounted and attractive prices, allowing you to win business with your clients