The transport industry includes all trains, buses, coaches, airplanes, boats as well as waiting and boarding areas (bus station, station, airport, port, etc.) that can offer Wi-Fi to travelers. Discover, in a non-exhaustive way, how ADIPSYS solutions meet the specific needs of transport, what benefits are derived from it as well as examples of applications.


  • Meet the expectations of the consumer (Wi-Fi service included)
  • Push the customers to rate your company to improve your reputation
  • Attract new customers to your lines and reward your loyal customers
  • Measure the customer experience lived during their journey through feedback forms
  • With DNS Protect and Logview, ensure legal compliance: Hadopi law, anti-terrorism decree, RGPD law


  • Make your company/transport location more attractive
  • Get at your disposal an exploitable database for the implementation of communication and loyalty  reward strategies
  • Get a better customer knowledge, and deploy offers customized to their needs and/or improve services of your company/airport/bus station, etc.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by analyzing feedback forms completed on login portal thanks to Hotspot Manager
  • Increase cross-selling thanks a highly targeted communication
  • Optimize the staff’s distribution into your company based on the flow of travelers
Motion design: Five people are connected to Wi-Fi


  • Travelers work during their travel time thanks to a good and secure Wi-Fi connection
  • Reduce waiting times at checkpoints by allowing customers to buy tickets and/or to do their check-in online
  • Thanks to Studio, communicate on the services available in your airport (restaurants, duty-free shops, etc.) or in your company (menu, etc.) to promote cross-selling and up-selling
  • Communicate in the language of your users
  • Identify your loyal customers with recognition of their device connected to the Wi-Fi and reward them with a voucher
  • Analyze passenger density maps (geofencing) to offer no-queue ticket
  • Analyze the average connection time of travelers to anticipate a need and improve the frequency of transport

Did you know ?

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