Solutions to secure and add value to your Wi-Fi

The 100% service package designed to get the most out of Wi-Fi at your facility:

– Choose your SAAS solution or as a white label.

– Create rich and ergonomic captive portals.

– Conduct surveys, collect and visualize the data.

– Be in compliance with the law (logs) and GDPR.

Manage all your Hotpsots from a simple web access point.

Our solutions are compatible with most WiFi hotspots

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Hotspot Manager Solution


Create captive portals compliant with Wi-Fi legislation and collect data.


Solution to trace Wi-Fi and handle the mandatory storage of legal logs

DNS protect Solution


Securize Wi-Fi connection: protect users by filtering malicious/illegal contents.

Adipsys Studio Solution


Create and broadcast targeted advertising and informational contents before and / or after the captive portal.

Do not settle for a Wi-Fi portal that only works:

About us

ADIPSYS is neither an operator nor an integrator. Thus we never provide internet.

ADIPSYS is a software publisher that create 100% software services. Our services come in addition to an existing Wi-Fi connection. These services enable you to create captive portals compliant with Wi-Fi Hotspots legislation, collect and analyze data from Wi-Fi users and broadcast highly targeted advertising contents.

We sell indirectly our solutions (BtoBtoB). We are actually dealing with distributors, integrators and operators. These are then dealing with their final clients: the managers of hotels-restaurants, shops, transport companies, business, local community, etc.

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