What is the price model for ADIPSYS solutions?

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We rely on a simple pricing model of ADIPSYS solutions.

Our pricing depends on the number of Wi-Fi terminals (and not the number of connections of your users).

In addition, our pricing depends on the type of hosting you choose. You can choose to host the solutions in your server. You can also choose that we will host the solutions for you.

By subscribing to Hotspot Manager, DNS Protect or Studio, you will have to pay (regardless of the type of hosting chosen):

  • A license that you only pay once. This licence depends on the number of Wi-Fi terminals that you have in your establishment, as well as the duration of your commitment (from 3 months to 5 years).
  • Your monthly variable costs based on the number of terminals you installed in your building. We charge you in the quarter or semester.

In addition, if you decide to host our solutions on your own server, we will charge you a training that will make you 100% autonomous.

We will also charge you for renewing your maintenance every year.

For Logview, please consult us.

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