How many sessions can your solution tolerate ?

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Our solution can tolerate an unlimited number of sessions, provided that you have deployed a significant number of Wi-Fi terminals on your site.

This means that an unlimited number of users can potentialy be able to take advantage of your Wi-Fi connection.

For your information, it takes between 15 and 20 devices can be connected to a Wi-Fi terminal.

Then, for example, If your project is to offer public Wi-Fi to 10,000 people, our solutions are perfectly capable of doing it. You will have to deploy on your site at least 500 Wi-Fi terminals (10 000/20 = 500).

For your information, we will charge you the number of terminals that you have installed in your establishment. Some competitors charge the number of connections. Our model offers valuable flexibility, particularly appreciated during events where the precise number of Wi-Fi connections that will take place, remains unclear.

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